20 - We're at the Czech border

Left our hotel, went back through downtown Vienna. We just went through the Austria border no hitches, the Czech border is a longer wait.

We are now in Cezch Republic, it looks a little better than a Mexican bordertown. My nose tells me that pollution controls are a wee bit lax. Supposedly beer here is 30 cents, and per capita income a year is 4 thousand. We'll need to keep a sharp eye on ourselves and stuff. We stopped off and exchanged some money. I used a 100 frances I still had, but only got 460 crowns, which is about 32-34 to 1 for US dollars.

We stopped off in Jihlava for lunch and a look-see, the surroundings did improve since the country, but everything is still dirt cheap. We had a real nice lunch, I had Kangaroo dish for about 5 bucks, and Robert had pheasant, Oskar had some steak and cheese dish. All in all, it was about 20 bucks.

We made it to Prague, drove around downtown quite a bit. We looked for a hotel, but everything was expensive. We got out on one of the main streets and had some water and coffee, and got a book for Prague (or spelled Praha). We met a new person, a girl from New York (Manhattan). She had arrived as we did in Amsterdam, and was touring Europe by herself using the trains and Euro pass. Her next stop was Vienna, so we hada good conversation about everything. She suggested a good place to visit in Prague was the churches and a castle.

Afterwards, we took a lengthy trip outside the city to find a place to stay. After getting a lost (again) a couple times, we finally happened upon a place. It was empty except for 1 cr with a Germany tag. It was all locked up, but after ringing the bell a couple times, a guy leaned out the window. We quickly learned he only spoke German and probably some Czech. He seemed surprised to have visitors, but tried to converse with us. I think he spoke a handful of English, but proceeded to speak to us in German. Fortunately the brother's can understand 50 percent or more of Germany, and speak it with a good struggle. We managed to get a room, but no one else was in the building. It'll cost 30$ for the night, and the place is brand spanking new, and very much resembles an apartment. We went back to downtown, and I had some potato pancakes and the brother's had rabbit.

The Original Budweiser

We also had some original budweiser, which tastes much better than the new stuff in the states. We walked around some more and a aguy asked me if Linux had something going on in town (as I was wearing my Texas Linux users group tshirt). We spoke a bit and he walked off, I think he was stoned. Later, we went to a night club, and Oskar had to shrug off several prostitutes through the course of the night.

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