19 - Wien (Vienna)

Had rolls,meat, and cheese for breakfast, and left to Vienna. (Just drove by a home Mozart lived in for 1 year) We exchanged some currency and got a book (in English) about Vienna. We went to some treasure/armory that decided not to accept our student ID's (no dates on the cards, paid full price). They also wouldn't let us take pics inside, but what we saw was very cool. We saw many regal robes and cloaks, as well as tons of jewelry. This include the crown of the Holy Roman Empire (pic on page 962?).

Vienna Government Building & Me

Then we proceeded to the parlament building (pic). We then road a subway back to our parking spot, and grabbed some Vienna sausage (bratwerst) at some stand, except in Vienna it's just called Sausage ;). We also had bread and fries in France, but both were just that. Oh, and on the way back to the car, we stopped in a church (Church of Saint Charles). It looked very nice inside, and was in actual operation as a church (not just tourist attraction).

Sigmund Freud's Apartment
Sigmund Freud's Waiting Room

Just got back from Freud's office and home, took a photo of waiting room and just outside the front door. They are actually aparments still in the building. Much of Freud's furniture is still there, and they have a small library of his works. You can even use Freud's WC, which I think Oskar did. They spoke fairly good English at the place, and even the small video they had running was done in English (well, the video I saw anyway).

The Palace Gardens
Atrium with Oskar

Back again, just did the palace (The Schonbrunn and it's gardens). We saw some nice gardens and hedge work, Oskar and I took a detour inside some greenhouse called Palmenhaus -Schmetterlinghaus, or just the palm house. It had samples from forests and jungles from all over the world. It was built in 1882. Let me digress a bit...Something interesting about the lights here and elsewhere (traffic lights) is that they blink green before changing to yellow and then to red. Also, on red it changes first to yellow before going to green, sort of like a race start. One thing we did notice about Vienna from last night, everyone dresses well. I felt a little out of place in my casual attire, so we dressed a little better today. It seems like if you were a musician in the old days, you were either in Vienna or Paris. Looks like we missed Chopin burial site in Paris.

Vienna: Some Statue

Night life has arrived, we had dinner at an Italian restuarant, I had ravioli and a beer. After that we went searching for another pub. We bought a couple rolls of film, as I used up my previous 4.

Beethoven's House

Prior to dinner, we did go by Beethoven's house. Looks pretty plain, and on the inside they turned it into a restuarant. We probably won't see the Mozart monument. Tomorrow we go to Prague, but we might try and get inside the Palace (Vienna) in the morning.

Johannas Brahms Statue & Me

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