Napa Valley

We got off to a very late start today. Art and myself needed to wash clothes and that took awhile to do. We finally left the apartment around 12:30 and headed off to Napa Valley. It's about a two hour drive from San Jose. For lunch we stopped off at the In-N-Out Burger in San Rafael.

We stopped off at the information center which is in downtown Napa. We received some good information from the second lady we talked to and headed off to V. Sattui. The wine from this particular winery can only be purchased directly from them.

V. Sattui House and Emblem

After checking out the cellar (pictures below) we headed off to the wine tasting.


Wine Tasting

Maybe Thai had a little too much?

We then headed out of the Napa Valley and off to San Francisco. We were headed for Chinatown.

Click here for Chinatown.