Tour d'Europe 1999

Updated! November 18, 1999

The following is a transposition of a journal I took during our European trip in the month of August, 1999. With me were Oskar and Robert Kudla.

Please excuse the style I used here in writing, my tense is very much screwed up. My priority during the trip was to have a good time and take it all in, and the journal was a distraction from that. So my tone may seem short, curt, to the point, etc. I have many many pictures still to add here but the story is pretty much finished except for some extra fine-tuning, stay tuned! Please excuse the way I've just "thrown" in pictures here, I will touch up and resize very soon.


Oskar Kudla, his younger brother Robert, and myself took a 2 week vacation to drive in one big circle around Europe. Previously, Oskar had been in Brazil for a few months, then England for another month, and was to meet us in Amsterdam, Holland to begin our trek. The whole trip was done in the month of August, 1999.


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