26 - The trip home

In converting my journal to the web, I noticed I didn't have anything for this date. Nothing much to tell, but it is part of the trip I suppose. So, present tense for this bit is September, and I'm reflecting back a bit. We left at the crack of dawn from Emsburen to make a 10:45 AM flight from Amsterdam.

We said our goodbyes to our hosts and got a group photo. We hooked up with our flight without a hitch. I *did* have a window seat for the trip back, but Oskar (who got his ticket not with Robert and I) wanted to sit all together, so I missed out on my window seat. The 2 meals we had on the way back were below par compared to what we had on the way up, but the movies were better. I think what we saw was Ed TV and Entrapment, both of which I had not seen which was cool. Ed TV was entertaining, the other was pretty crappy. 9.5 hours later we made it back to Houston, and I quickly had to remove my jacket once we got outside in 100 degree humidity (it was always in the seventies while in Europe, and colder still in Poland). By this time it was afternoon, and the longest day of sunlight I have witnessed in my life, since we followed the sun on it's westward path. I didn't stay long in Houston, so drove back to Dallas the same day. The whole trip has been incredible and has given me a new look to my surroundings here. I see many many good things about living in this country, but I do notice where the Europeans have it better, which includes the whole driving situation, among a few other things.