17 - On way to Munchen(Munich)

We are on the autobahn now, and on the way through Kaiserslaughtern. We topped the car at 201 km/hr, went through Kaiserslaightern, just a base and military housing is all we saw. We go south easy from there through many grape vinyards.

German Vinyards
Oskar & German Vinyards
German Vinyards
Now making way through South Germany with some good and cheap German beer in hand.

Almost to Munich, but we will probably stay in some city before there. Currently, we are stuck in traffic (a first!) on the autobahn. It's dark now, trying to find a hotel. We took a detour to Ohm (big city), found a pimpy hotel after asking directions at a pub (she spoke English well enough). The hotel was 170 marks, so we have left Ohm and headed to Munich, hope to find something on the way. After buming a place in Aachen and then the Polish mission, we want the hotel more mundane. We are now staying in a Gasthos in Bulgaria? someplace.

Note: I'm now in the real present tense, and commenting on this. The place we stayed was "Gasthos zur Sonne, Rofingen", wherever that might be. We tried looking for a place outside of the big city as I recanted the story my parents had of traveling a great distance and happening upon a nice place on the side of the road, where they hadn't seen a room in who knows how long. There place was about 8 bucks with breakfast for the night. So this story encourage my 2 friends to try and find a more mom-and-pop type place, the Gasthof was truly it, but not 8 bucks.

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