16 - On way to Landstuhl

Well, we basically spent all day yesterday in Paris. I was pretty tired by the time we got back, so missed a day in writing. We had a breakfast of bread and coffee/tea at the Polish mission, then opted to drive again to Paris. We found out that the trains only returned as late as 8PM. So we paid another 11 and 7 franc combo to make it through the toll, and found some underground parking for 90 francs (24 hours). We immediately went to the Louvre (pics) for 45 francs a piece. Well, took a break from writing, will return in a bit. -We are pretty close to Landstuhl by now, I drove the rest of the way from Paris through France (that was my break), and we got a littlelost near German border (again no surprise). Francs were close, because we kept hitting tolls and almost ran out. But we're in Germany now (where the tolls are not, and roads are nice), and the brother's have deutche marks. (we just arrived in Homburg). So many tolls in France, this was the first time for me to drive a standard (in any considerable distance more than 1 mile), and I messed up quite a bit, especially in 1st. So tolls were a little scary. Too many pretty things to see right now, will write more when stopped.

Landstuhl (our ride)
Downtown Landstuhl
Hospital Where I was Born?

-Well, we made it to Landstuhl! Took some pictures, had pizza hut with beer, and saw the hospital where I think I was born. Still have no deutche marks, but did put the pizza hut on my master card. Now we are on the way to Munich, and will probably go through Kaeserslautern.

The Last Supper (Louvre)
Entrance to the Louvre
Napolean's Apartment
The Mona Lisa
Notre Dame, Robert, & Oskar

Me & Ramsees II
Robert & Statue of Venus

But allow me to digress. Yesterday, we had driven back into Paris and spent the first half-day in the Louvre. We saw the Mona Lisa, and Nepolean's (sp) apartment preserved, and the last supper painting, it was about 45 francs (sorry for the reverse tense here!). Afterwards, we walked by Notre Dame and many other monuments nearby. We didn't ever go up the Eiffel tower.

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