15 - Paris France, late

So many things to write about, hope I can remember most. Yesterday we made it to Maastricht (Holland), and I got some Francs (almost 100$ worth = 500 francs and a few geldons in change). We went to a restuarant and had some drinks, we then visited a coffe shop, yada-yada-yada, we left back to Aachen. Mike seemed to know of a good club, so we procedded to it. We first picked up one of his friends who spoke English (pretty well) and German, his name was Alexander. We arrived at the club, called Haus Waldersruh Himmerich, which I think is the name of the city as well? This was in Germany, and it took us about an hour to get there, easily. The club was good by American standards, it was the biggest and most populated of any I'd been to in the states. It was broken up into parts, with one being industrial-punk type, and others different sorts of music. The dance was similar, but not much physical contact going on at all. Most of the music played was American, and even though everyone could sing along to the words, I bet most of them didn't know what the words meant. We had one waitress which was sort'uve given to us, she spoke very good English. We later learned that she was a foreign exchange student for some time in L.A. She had not been to Texas, but seemed very interested to hear about it. We didn't get back from the club until about 4AM. In the morning around 10AM we said our farewells to our hosts in Aachen (including the kitties). We got a late start off to Paris, but proceeded close to midday. The trip was longer than expected, we had to double-back many times when we got to France, they have very confusing streets. The countryside turned out to be real flat in most places, but it was nice to look at anyway. Robert made a TX sign to show all those snooty Frenchmen we are not to be toyed with. But here's where all the details come, later I may have to remark on something I skipped over here, simply because there is so much, but here goes.

View from the Polish Mission

Our hosts in Aachen suggested that we stay at a Polish mission, which seems to be something like a YMCA in the states, but much nicer I imagine. This turned out to be 50KM outside of Paris, and would cost us 15 bucks a piece per night, which seemed very good. In fact, I am writing from this place right now. We left our bags here earlier and proceeded into Paris. We passed right by Notre Dame and the Louvre, as well as a spectacular bridge with pieces of gold, maybe I'll remember its name tomorrow.

Eiffel & Me
Eiffel with Robert & Oskar
Eiffel with Robert & Oskar

After these, we finally arrived at the Eiffell tower, it was huge. We got out, took some pictures, but opted not to go up the tower until the next day.

Eiffel Tower
Dinner in Paris
Paris Statue

We had dinner with steak and fries, and red wine. Then we had a looksee at the arc (photo) and had some coffee. Now we're back at the mission, got lost a few times on the way back (typical). So far, I have alot of different currency, but still no deutche marks! We try to use Oskar's credit card, but otherwise we use my francs and geldons for France and Holland respectively, and then Robert's marks for Germany. We spend 1 more day in Paris (we will take train this time), spend night again, and then head on to Landstuhl.

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