14 - Aachen

Woke up late (I think, I have no idea what time it is) and we ate a little something. We then left to explore Aachen (Germany) with Mike (Gabbi's son, who spoke some English). We started off with beer at a pub, which Oskar paid for. He managed to get some deutch marks with a credit card, but I'm still running around with only American and Holland currency.

Aachen Breakfast Beer

After beer, we saw a church and the town hall (more pics?). It's been raining off and on the whole day.

German Hospital

After this, we went to a hospital, which looked more like a factory (pic) on the outside. Inside it had many colors in the carpet and walls. The main lobby looked like something out of star trek. The hospital has a good view, and from that view a couple spindle tops can be seen. It is here that the highest point in Holland can be seen, as well as the spot where Belgium, Holland, and Germany connect (oskar's pic). We climbed up the spindle top and scanned the horizon, it was 4.50 geldon for each of us 4. We came back and watched some German tv, many of their shows seem to be American (like a dubbed Tool Time we saw). We are now headed to a mall and coffe shop in Maastricht, I still have no deutche marks. The brothers think I can use my Holland money. On the way to Paris tomorrow we'll try and get French and German money, at an airport perhaps.

US Cemetary in Holland
US Cemetary in Holland

Well, just stopped off at the Netherland American Cemetary and Memorial (pics, u.s. movement in orange).

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