Drove to Houston, left 10:30 at night and arrived about 3AM at Oskar's house, stayed the night. I had stopped by Buffalo for gas and coffee (this is significant because I stopped here to re-fuel coming back from Houston to Dallas). Spilled some coffee in my lap (that was fun), got to Oskar's, washed my slacks, slept.


Woke up with Robert, had some McDonald's. At 1PM we arrive at Houston International Airport. Oskar's roommate (Joe) dropped Robert and I off, our flight leaves at 3:45

It's now 3:10PM, after much talk of computers and gaming (to pass time) we board the plane. Flight is scheduled to take 8.5 hours, should arrive at 7:25AM Amsterdam time. The overhead speak is foremost Dutch, with an English repeat after. The overhead tv has been mostly showing short reruns from Discovery Channel (Ferrari's, Bicycle racing in Germany) and Murphy Brown (ugh). They have finally started a movie, but one I care not to watch (The Ideal Husband), maybe the next will be better. All of the tv is English w/Dutch subtitles. Robert is here next to me occupying his time reading one of my Phillip K. Dick novels. I have tried first chaper of Neuromancer, but the language isn't real easy to follow, even for a native English speaker (such as myself). The serivce on the flight has been very good (KLM). We have flown northeast over New York, and should be near Greenland over Atlantic by this time. Already we have had drinks and a meal.

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