A Day In Universal City

Less driving today, and a lot more walking. We were supposed to start off today at 7am. I could blame the fact that our wake-up call didn't come, but then I'd be lying. We were both very tired after yesterday. We actually got started around 8:25am. We hit the road and started off to Universal City where we knew we'd spend most of the day.

After enjoying everything Universal had to offer we took off for Hollywood Boulevard and went in search of Mann's Chinese Theater and the infamous ``Walk of Fame''. We found it rather easily, and spent about 20 minutes taking in all the famous people that had come by the theater over the years.

With the sun going down fast we hurried off to Mulholland Drive. Here we (finally) found the Hollywood sign.

It was then off to Pasadena for dinner. We ate at Gordon Biersch and had a glass of micro-brewed beer. I still don't like beer but I tried some anyway. For whatever reason beer just turns my stomach.

A quick complaint about Los Angeles. What is the deal with no protected left turns? Do Angelinos not believe in turn arrows? With this kind of traffic they really need turning arrows. Other than this complaint I haven't had any real problems with LA traffic. We've either been lucky, or the gripes about LA traffic have been greatly exaggerated.

Due to the high volume of pictures there will be seperate commentaries for each activity. Go back to the front page and click on each of the activities we did today.

A picture of LA at its smoggiest.