San Diego

We drove down to San Diego today. Unfortunately we didn't have time to do much. It looks like a pretty city, but we mostly wandered around Balboa Park and we also went to a beach (but not the right beach!). We didn't go to Tijuana and it really doesn't sound like we missed much of anything.

The beach we went to was called (I believe) Golden Strand State Beach. Not the best of beaches. Later we would drive through at least one beach community which had (what looked to be) a much nicer beach. The beaches up in/near La Jolla are supposed to be fantastic and I'm sorry we didn't get to see them.

Here are the shots from that final day of vacation.

The drive to San Diego (about 2 hours)

Balboa Park

That's all! I know I was really tired anyway. I both did and didn't want to leave. I thoroughly loved California, but getting back to familiarity was also a pleasant thought. I know I'll be back to CA soon though. Or, at least, I hope so.