Mann's Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Sign

We took Hollywood Boulevard from Highway 101 to get to Mann's Chinese theater and the walk of fame. Here are some pictures:

Art and I at the theater

Jack Nicholson's hands and feet prints

John Wayne had small feet. Hard to tell here, but my feet (size 9) are quite a bit larger.

Art at the Glenn Miller star.

The sun was setting fast so we needed to move quickly to get to the Hollywood sign. Working on a hunch that we'd somehow stumble across the sign by going to Mulholland Drive we drove back up Highway 101 to Mullholland. Here's the pictures:

We then went off to Pasadena by taking 101 and somehow getting on the Pasadena Freeway (Hwy. 110) to take us up to ``Old Pasadena.'' If you're ever in LA I recommend you make at least one stop over there. Just take Hwy. 110 until it hits Pasadena. Continue on until 110 turns into Arroyo, and then hang a left at Chicago Avenue.