First Impressions of Los Angeles


Los Angeles is huge. It really didn't hit me until we were flying over. It's so spread out. Of course, I'm not just talking about LA the city; I'm talking about all the surrounding suburbs.

The highway system, at first glance, is very impressive. There's so many of them! We took 3 different highways to get from the airport to here, and each has to be twice as big as 635, or central. Plus there are literally tens of highways more that we have yet to go on (and they're all huge!).

So far the traffic has been great. In other words, there has been no traffic at all. We made it to this part of LA (currently we're sort of near Pasadena) in about 30 minutes. We traveled about 45 miles. Hopefully it won't be bad driving to Burbank early tomorrow.


The only disapointment so far is with Hertz. Or maybe it's with Travelocity. I'm not certain. I thought I had rented a normal four door sedan. Instead I got a ``sporty'' two door car. Not always a bad thing, but I think it's going to be a bit more expensive. I had a rather nasty exchange with the ``lady'' at the customer service booth. She'd obviously had a lot of nasty exchanges that day. She completely blew me off and I think, for now, we are stuck with this car. If this is the only thing to go wrong then I'll be happy.

I love the way LA looks. It's truly a beautiful city. I'm sure if I lived here I would feel different, but this Dallas resident wishes Dallas had all these palm trees.

I'll be writing again tomorrow. Hopefully after viewing a taping of the ``Tonight Show.''


Art will be writing tomorrow. He's a bit tired right now.